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Frequently Asked Questions

We will provide you songwriters and producers to work with you to help design original music for you

That’s Fine, Please also read the agreement for details.

You have the opportunity to present your work as you deem appropriate.

We will get you registered with one. Please read the agreement for further details.

We are happy to have a discussion with your team to carve out a way to work with you and have you participate on the show.

There’s a whole new set of rounds; from music creation to beyond.  All are up for evaluation by a jury and public voting.

The initial rounds will be online. As we approach the final rounds, we would fly in the finalists to a destination in the United States of America. More information will be shared with the shortlisted participants as the show progresses.

All finalists are granted various deals in the music business viz. record deal, management deal, all-encompassing deals.

A team of Global Stalwarts & Award-Winning Professionals – Musicians, Songwriters, Music Producers, Artists, A&R, Managers, Promoters.

The registration is free until further notice.

You may send upto 2 links in the audition and registration form.

Sure ! Send in your entry as soon as you are ready. Registrations are currently open and for free until further notice.

Yes, this is the only instance where you may send in a cover version of a song and it is only for internal selection purposes which will not be released publicly.

Any More Questions ?

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